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Why You Might Get A Bad Janitorial Or Cleaning Service

What is it about janitorial work that is so difficult?

It's a question that cleaning companies and other related businesses should spend time thinking about, because it determines the results for our customers, how they interact with service businesses, and what it means to achieve excellence in this type of business.

One way to think about this is that in today's labor-saving age, almost everything has been automated – but janitorial work, one of the most unappealing manual jobs, has not. Indeed, it's pretty hard to automate the work that a janitor does, whether that's floors or bathrooms, or anything else that's usually part of the agenda.

As a result, you have kind of a labor void for this type of business – you don't have people rushing to sign up. It's hard to find people that are passionate about cleaning, and it’s easy to get stuck with people who just ultimately don’t care.

Industry Results

As a result, many companies have high turnover. They have a problem with productivity. Somebody might show up and do a halfhearted job for a week, and leave.

Companies without the right resources and skill don't know how to deal with these deficits. Since they haven't taken the time to think about how this industry works, they don't understand why these things are happening. They don't do anything to address the core issue, and nothing ever gets improved. You may notice this when you hire one of these companies, and they fail to do an adequate job.

On the other hand, Cleanvue Services is a well respected business in the Champaign, IL area. We like to say that our customer service ethic informs everything that we do, from snow removal to landscaping to cleaning. But it's especially important with cleaning, because of what we mentioned above, and because of the corporate culture that we create. If lack of incentive is a factor in productivity, you have to address that. You have to build a firm foundation to give customers good results. You can’t just “let someone else take care of it,” and it’s not an industry where just paying minimum wage gets you the discretionary productivity that you need.

Take a look at the website for more on what we do on a regular basis. Browse our gallery to see what we've done for other clients. Then ask us about what you need, because at Cleanvue Services, we are here for you! Don’t settle for a mediocre cleaning job where you don’t get your money’s worth. Get a company with integrity to have this done the right way.

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