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The Power of “Can”

At Cleanvue Services, we've been doing this business for quite a while. We've built up our janitorial and snow removal and landscaping and cleaning services over the years. So we've gotten a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't work in this kind of service business model.

In general, there's a big value in optimism. That doesn't mean that you should walk around telling your coworkers to turn their frowns upside down. What it means is that confidence matters when it's time to provide for clients.

Let's put it this way – a firm that goes around dishing out disclaimers instead of working to fulfill project needs isn't going to get very far.

On the other hand, outlining what can be done is a good way to motivate clients to see the final product in their heads, and benefit from reasonable expectations of a job well done.

You can see the results of this philosophy in our project gallery – in floor care, where we make new concrete surfaces sparkle and shine. In landscaping, where we tackle tough tree work and optimize shrubbery and exterior spaces. And, last but not least, in snow removal, where it's important to give residents access to vehicle and pedestrian spaces after Mother Nature dumps a mound of snow on a property. Snow removal is a good example – on the one hand, you do have to set reasonable expectations. But there’s no reason why those expectations can’t be set from a positive perspective.

What all of these jobs have in common is that they work on the basis of logistics. There are certain things that can be done, and certain things that can't be done, but when you're talking about a project framing, the choice of words that you use has its own effect. As in so much else in life, positivity makes a big difference, and we recognize that, fitting it into our business model in ways that have helped make us one of the most popular service firms in the Champaign, IL area.

In addition, we know the value of craftsmanship in any job. Craftsmanship isn’t just for carpenters and metalworkers – everyone, whether they are part of a manufacturing business or a service business, can benefit from good craftsmanship. Each of them has a “product” of sorts, and how you approach your job matters. It just does.

Call us for excellent service work around your property, any day of the year, and for top-notch janitorial and floor care services that you will be proud of when they are done.

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