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Small Things Can Become Big Things!

One of our most popular types of customer assistance at Cleanvue Services, along with snow removal, windows and lawn care, is our handyman service, where our technicians take on a range of projects, and pricing is determined by the scope of the work itself.

Why is this so important, and why is it so popular with customers?

The answer has to do with what it takes to maintain a property over time, and how that works for homeowners as well as those managing rental properties or commercial real estate. It’s not always an easy process, and it can be hard to do alone.

A Few Small Items

Any property punch list changes over time. Things get fixed, and the new things break, or various problems are reported that don't have to do with breakage per se, but the eventual wearing down of systems and the impact of nature on building structures.

  • A tree falls on something

  • The foundation gets compromised

  • Someone backs into a mailbox

  • Mold builds up on vinyl siding

  • A doorjamb deteriorates over time

  • A light that used to work doesn't work anymore

A toilet doesn't flush right anymore…

This list really goes on and on, but you get the idea. In any of these cases, a handyman is a vital resource for property owners who either don't have the time to tackle these items themselves, or lack the tools and know-how to go in and effectively solve these types of problems.

No matter whether you hire a handyman or do these things yourself, you tend to learn about these and other issues as you go. But in very many key ways, the handyman is a guide and a resource that helps to optimize how someone maintains a property. It's not something that most homeowners or rental property owners can do on their own, because they have their own day jobs or raise families, or do other things, and because they're not specially trained in a lot of these property upkeep services.

We have reliable and skilled people who get deployed to properties all the time for successful results. Every successful result builds the reputation of the business and that’s something that we are proud of. We don’t nickel and dime people, either – instead, we are dedicated to coming to an agreed solution that leaves everyone feeling good! Let us help with the day in, day out process of maintaining property, as the seasons march relentlessly on.

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