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The Joys and Perils of Office Cleaning

Here's what most people love about office cleaning – your people come in and work on the first shift (or the second shift or even the third shift, but often during the day) and take their lunch breaks, and do their stuff all day. Then they go home, and sometimes the place looks like a mess. But while everyone is away, a third party swoops in and picks up, and makes the place look neat again.

Here's what people don't like as much about office cleaning – in hiring a firm to do office cleaning, you’re surrendering some pretty significant access to an outside party, and that can be a little scary.

First, if you have any trade secrets in the building, you have to be concerned about unauthorized access. The same goes for HIPAA health information and other types of data that are supposed to be vigilantly guarded under the law.

However, all of this goes double or triple for actual monetary assets. You probably don't have piles of cash lying around, but anywhere there's petty cash or items of value, you have to be concerned that some of those could get up and walk away during the night.

In many cases, you're also setting up your in-house staff to interact with cleaners, and in that case, if there's any overlap in timelines, you can have situations where cleaning companies may get involved in uncomfortable interactions with your staff. That is never fun!

Even if there is no overlap, sometimes people get upset at what's been done overnight or on their off time, if furniture has been moved around improperly, or their personal belongings are moved, altered or missing. Then someone has to sort that all out. It all comes back to being able to trust a third party to come into your hallowed space. That’s harder for some people than it is for others, but it’s always a risk.

Here's the deal – we take all of these things into consideration at CleanVue Services. You get the benefit of a clean office without all of the risks.

It's really about customer service and integrity – simply speaking, we make sure that everyone we hire is trustworthy, professional and polite. We take care to preserve our client’s offices the way they were when we came in, and that's a big value, because you know that you're not going to get embroiled in tricky situations like those discussed above.

Ask BB about getting great office cleaning services on-site that will cover all of the bases in terms of keeping your work space sanitary and comfortable for colleagues and visitors. We also do snow removal and other services for business clients. Let us know how we can help you!

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