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Perils Of A Quick Clean

At Cleanvue Services, we offer a lot of services – snow removal, lawn care, etc. But one of our core services is janitorial work.

Sound exciting? Well, to us it is. That's because we distinguish ourselves from the average company that just plods along offering mediocre service to a random clientele.

Here's what we mean – average is just that. It's not stunning or impressive. It's just the basics of what you can expect from a service. And some companies don't even go that far.

Nooks and Crannies

It's disgusting as someone who has paid good money for cleaning services when you come in after a clean, and you see that there was really just a cursory scrubbing of the most accessible areas of the building, or in other words, the “low hanging fruit,” leaving detail work undone.

You turn the door and the backside is filthy. You look in the corner, and there's a crust there. Someone just swept a rag quickly over the middle of the table and left dust bunnies at the side.

All of these deficiencies are the marks of a quick clean service that is really phoning it in. But what can you do? It's not like they weren't there, and it's not like they didn't clean. Trying to micromanage all of the stuff can drive you absolutely crazy!

At Cleanvue Services, we take actually take pride in what we do, and it shows. We invest in the right training and the right time and energy for deep cleaning your offices, so that when you pay us good money for service, and you come in later, your office looks great. Not just good – it looks great. Check out our photo gallery for examples.

The Right People

Here's another nightmare for people who have hired outside firms to come in and clean.

Who's in your building? Are they about to steal your trade secrets? Are they hitting on your secretary? Are they doing hidden damage to building systems just for the fun of it?

We vet our staff carefully for this particular reason. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable inking a contract with us, and not have to worry about on-site risks.

The average company might not really address this at all. They might just say, “here sign on the dotted line” and then bring in whoever they find to do the cleaning. In these days of data breaches costing hundreds of dollars per record, and trade secrets being stolen over the Internet (as well as on-site), building site security is paramount. So that's another reason to go with Cleanvue Services, so that you can breathe easy about your plan for maintaining building security, even while you get third-party people on site. Talk to us about cleaning and property maintenance year-round.

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