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Our Lawn Care Commitment To You

Around the Champaign, Illinois area, many homeowners and families have Cleanvue Services on speed dial. They have us bookmarked on their web browsers. They know who to call when they’re going to be going the distance.

To explain that, you can point to the range of services that we offer – keeping people's yards neat in the summer, helping them to improve their properties, and even shoveling their snow away in the dead of winter.

But you can also point to a service model that's second to none. For example, we do lawn care quite a bit in the summer and fall seasons, but we do it with a particular philosophy in mind. That’s what helps us to stand out from the crowd. You can hire anyone to do your lawn care, but who you hire determines whether it gets done right.

Your Lawn Care and Your Health

It's important to understand that in the lawn care business, various chemicals are often used to ensure an excellent result. But these chemicals also have their own handling requirements and more.

With Cleanvue Services, you can be sure that we've talked about this with you before we go spraying your yard. You don't just have the little signs stuck in the grass – you have an agreement with your provider about what they're doing and when. You'll understand the ramifications of spraying anything on your lawn, or any other kind of treatment, so that you're in the driver’s seat and everyone's on the same page.

You might be surprised at how often this doesn't happen – how often a company shows up and just uses whatever they have, without informing anyone of anything, and you wind up calling the lawn company when your dog is having issues, or godforbid your kids get sick after playing in the yard. With proper care and handling, these chemicals are fine, but you have to know what's going on and abide by the instructions that the manufacturers put on the labels. If you’re not the one doing the work, you rely on your lawn service to help you to understand. If they don’t do that – they’re not doing their jobs!

That's just part of our commitment to quality service. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is combined with our best price guarantee, which again, makes us a go-to for many local area residents who want to get what they need for their properties without breaking the bank. Talk to Cleanvue Services about how to make your property look like a million bucks through the spring, summer, fall and winter.

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