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Green Spaces, Clean Edges

What goes into landscaping?

At Cleanvue Services LLC, we are happy to answer that question. Landscaping requires specific tools and equipment, as well as trained staff and good overall strategic best practices, to get your property looking the best it can be.

Here are some details on what we do for customers in this important service area.

Mowing and Trimming

One of the best visual results that you get from landscaping is a well-trimmed green space – a ‘haircut’ for your yard and all of the botanical installations in it.

Check out our photo gallery to see how we create manicured outdoor environments with carefully cut grass and edging. While anyone can drag a mower over a patch of grass, the best landscaping builds visual results that are clean and crisp – results that make a space look great.

Stones and Pavers

Another way to create neat edges in landscaping is to install new outdoor accessories that complement the green space that you're actually maintaining.

Again, you can get a good idea by looking at our past projects online. Cleanvue Services often helps customers to install and maintain loose stone around a building, patio or landscaping bed as a way of dealing with difficult or uneven terrain, or as a way to outfit small spaces that don't lend themselves to easy green maintenance.

Here again, the goal is to create lines that are clean and crisp. You want things to pop – you want everything to look neat and orderly, even as the materials age. All of that involves creating a proper base, which is what you can see looking at our teams at work on client projects. We know how to properly support installations for great maintenance in the years to come.

Tree and Shrub Care

Aging trees and shrubs can present difficulties for a property owner.

They’re going to grow – but how big is too big, and when should you trim back?

We provide careful service according to industry standards that help to make your yard or outdoor space look well-tended without compromising the health of your trees or bushes. This involves knowing a lot about different plant species and how they work in your local ecosystem. We also help consult on why a tree may need to come out – maybe it’s too close to a building or a water/sewer line. Our goal is to get you to a place where you feel everything on your property is well taken care of year-round!

That's a little bit about how we do our job – call us and ask any questions about a pending home improvement project, or a plan to maintain your property over time - we're happy to help!

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