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Giving You More Than You Pay For

Why is that on motto? At Cleanvue Services, we pride ourselves on invaluable home services. We know that who you call matters when you want residential or commercial cleaning, snow removal, and other types of property services.

Job Ambiguity

To really start looking at this in detail, the more frugal-minded property owners among us will get multiple estimates for a particular job to start seeing how different firms stack up.

What they will quickly find is that companies tack on all sorts of costs according to their particular business models. For example, you're often going to pay top dollar for a technician or other employee to transport themselves to your house in a company vehicle. That's normal – but how that cost is assessed can vary a good deal. Will, the company give you a discount if they drive to your house 10 times?

General Labor

You might think that it would be easier to price general labor jobs than it is to price skilled contractor work.

But in quite a few cases, you'd be wrong. General labor is not necessarily more cut and dried when it comes to billing. Again, it has to do with how companies run the books and what their expenses are. It also has to do with their level of dedication to fair billing. Some firms have a “cost-plus” approach that can really create problems because, at the end of the day, every job is a negotiation between parties.

Pricing and Transparency

Above all, it's important that companies are transparent about how they bill, and why.

There may be legitimate reasons to increase a customer’s bill, but unless you really look at the situation, you won't know if those extra costs are legitimate or not. Lots of problems also occur when people feel like they were promised one thing and delivered something else – they'll accuse the company of bait and switch techniques or padding the bill.

Quality of Service

This is another aspect of billing that’s important. Sure, you can always go with the lowest bidder. But, as with many industries, you may actually get less value than if you go with a shop you can trust.

That’s because there’s a lot of gray area built into a “cleaning job.” In other posts, we have talked about the difference between a good, thorough clean, and one that just hits the corners lightly.

Say it however you want to – the value that you get from a job that you pay for matters. We know that, and we make that part of our business model.

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