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Five Key Services Included in our Premium Package

At Cleanvue Services, one of our flagship services is provided by our lawn care and landscaping division.

Customers can order all kinds of outdoor services, but the Premium package brings some of the most important ones together for seasonal maintenance of a home or property.

Here's some of what you can expect in our Premium service model that runs around $235 a month.


One of the key parts of presenting an attractive property is keeping the lawn properly mowed. We’ll create that manicured look without ‘scalping’ your lawn and leaving it vulnerable to browning in the hot summer sun. We know that having a few inches is your lawn’s natural air conditioning! And we factor that and other professional expertise into our mowing plans.


Mowing is great, but mowing doesn't do it all by itself without edging. If you have any parts of your property that adjoin a municipal curb or sidewalk, you know that having those tendrils grow out over the concrete makes your property look shabby. Our edging services add that neat trim edge to your carefully mowed lawn, so that nobody’s going to call the HOA or the town office for bedraggled curbing. We can get nice edges on those beds, too!


For trees or large shrubs, pruning is a must. Our topical pruning gives your lawn the shapes that make it stand out with curb appeal to spare. Trees do take work, contrary to the opinions of some who have ever had a tree on a property before. A little seasonal care, and vigilance on pest control, go a long way.

Bed Weed Control

In a hot Illinois summer, thistles or junk trees or other weeds can quickly suffocate beds. We take care to prevent this kind of thing with professional weed control service.

Spring and Fall Treatment

In the fall, we trim flowering plants back and get your property tucked in to get it ready for a long winter. In the spring, we help you to open it up with attractive perennials and more. We do this with attention to your overall plan, and in close consultation with property owners, to ensure that they get just the results that they wanted.

Talk to Cleanvue Services about an ongoing plan for lawnscaping, landscaping and outdoor maintenance. Our dedication to quality and customer service is second to none. We will help you to keep your property in great condition and outdoor splendor year after year.

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