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Craftsmanship Is a Virtue

At Cleanvue Services, we talk a lot about craftsmanship. But what does that mean?

Craftsmanship means that whatever you do, you're doing it the right way. It means that you take a task and approach it with a certain standard of skill and acumen and deliberation.

Many people in certain industrial cultures, for example, understand this intuitively because of the language and the culture. Young people will often talk about their ‘craft’ in terms of a vocation or some skill or ability they want to pursue. But not everybody thinks about things this way. People who talk about their 9 to 5 or McJob or “the grind” or whatever are not well oriented to the idea of craftsmanship, or they would talk about things a little differently.

Craftsmanship in Services

But wait a minute - aren't you guys doing cleaning and stuff?

Well, yes, we are doing janitorial services, snow removal, landscaping, and other property services. But when you really sit down and think about it, there are detailed skill sets for each of these services, much like there are for carpentry or electrical work.

Craftsmanship means that you get a better result, but it also means that the task is done efficiently and thoroughly. Craftsmanship means that you use specific techniques that we as humans have developed to do certain things. So if you use specialized equipment to polish a floor to perfection, that is craftsmanship. If you use specialized horticultural knowledge to create the perfect lawn, that is also craftsmanship.

Now here's the thing: we can talk about our excellent track record of customer service all day, but one thing that really makes a firm stand out is when they have this dedication to craftsmanship.

When you call Cleanvue Services, people aren't just coming on-site thinking about getting something done in the quickest and easiest way, and going home and eating dinner. They're coming on-site with a passion to optimize and improve task-based services, which benefits them and their clients equally. That’s the culture and the mentality that we have tried to cultivate here – and it has brought a lot of rewards, not just for us, but for our employees, who enjoy professional development, better working conditions, and team spirit as a result of this idea of craftsmanship. Call us for a job done right. For your convenience, you can also book a job online. Either way, you know that you’re dealing with a service provider that values excellence.

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