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Being Fully Insured for Everything

At Cleanvue Services, when you go on our website, you see immediately that we’re fully insured to handle your snow removal, janitorial services, and more. It’s great to have a one-stop-shop like this to call for all of your property maintenance needs, that’s part of what we were thinking about when we put this business together, and it has served us and our customers well.

There's a mentality in some parts of the industry that goes like this – why do you need insurance for cleaning?

That's kind of a backward way of thinking and falls into that same category of assuming that these services don't take a particular amount of skill, or aren't critically important in terms of the quality that you get.

But it also goes back to the issue of risk, and why insurance exists in the first place.

Murphy's Law

If you've never heard about a little scientific theory called Murphy's Law, it essentially suggests that if things can go wrong, they will go wrong at some point in the future.

Some people think of it as a quaint little saying or truism that just applies generally to life, but business owners, if they're smart, take Murphy's Law on its face. They know that things can go wrong, and that's what insurance is for. It’s not about pessimism – it’s about realism, and being prepared. Then, too, when you look at the cost/benefit analysis, the insurance often makes a good deal of sense. The barrier is when business leaders just want to wring every last dollar of profit out of a business model – and risk losses while doing so.

If you do have any problem with any kind of contracted service, whether it's cleaning or anything else, the insurance is the safety net. It's the immediate fix to the problem of who's going to pay for anything that's not up to par when the job is done.

We feel strongly the business owners have to understand Murphy's Law and the need for business umbrella insurance. We've seen this from experience, and we can offer you that level of preparation for your contracted services. It’s kind of like performance bonds for big municipal projects. Having a layer of security in place adds value.

Talk to Cleanvue Services about whatever you need to be done at your property. You can rely on us for the long haul and stop calling people out of the phone book. You’ll see your property management game get easier, and many of our customers feel relieved to have us one phone call away.

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