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Office Cleaning Etiquette

When a client visits your company for the first time, he or she first notice the cleanliness of it. They look at the lobby, front desk area, and maybe the restroom if they must go during their visit. A clean office shows clients that your company cares about its appearance and are on top of keeping it clean. However, the opposite is true if your workplace is messy. An untidy work area could leave a wrong impression on the clients, you, and the entire company. But office cleaning doesn’t have to feel like a chore. There are things you can do to make sure your office is clean.

Clear paperwork

Everything should have a place in the office, including paperwork. It may be tempting to toss papers onto the floor, but don’t do it! Keep a wastebasket near your desk and throw away any paperwork you don’t need. A cluttered desk is unattractive to clients and is a misrepresentation of your company. File your paperwork in manila folders and label them accordingly using a sharpie.

Clean bathroom

Most offices have bathrooms for public use. Make sure to clean the restroom every day, especially the toilet. There's nothing more embarrassing than a client complaining that the restroom is dirty or not adequately stocked with toilet tissue and hand towels. Even if the bathroom is only for the workers, that doesn't mean you can slack off with cleaning it. A dirty toilet can begin harboring mold.

Don't eat at your desk

The classic office scenario is the worker must meet a deadline for his boss and can't wait for his lunch break to eat. Therefore, he eats at his desk. While this may be ideal for the busy professional, it isn't a good idea. Crumbs will begin collecting on your desk, keyboard, and mouse. If you something sticky for lunch or accidentally spill your drink, it can leave a sticky residue if not immediately wiped off. The best advice is to wait until your lunch break to eat, then go to the designated break room.

Clean electronic items

Electronic items such as the telephone, computer, fax machine, and printer will eventually begin collecting dust. If not cleaned, the item will stop working. Dusting off your electronics don’t have to be a task; use a microfiber cloth to wipe them off. Do not use abrasive cleaning products or harsh scrubs to clean them.

Keep everything organized

Along with keeping your paperwork organized, make sure to have empty shelves available to place your file folders and other items. It's an excellent idea to have a filing cabinet to put the folders and have a folder system so you and your colleagues can easily find the paperwork.

Keeping the office clean doesn't have to feel like a chore. If you insist that you don't have time to spruce up the place, contact Cleanvue Services to get a free quote. If you already have a cleaning service, why not have a backup?

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