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The Health Dangers of Dirty Carpet in Your Home

You probably already know that a clean environment is just better for your health and the health of your family. While it’s not possible to control how clean public spaces are, you can work to ensure the environment in your home is as healthy as possible.

If you are like most people, you probably regularly clean the counters, floors, and other hard surfaces in your home, but what about the carpet? While you may vacuum it a few times a week, do you go any further? Even if your carpets look like they are clean, they may be full of microbes, bacteria, and an array of other irritants. Keep reading to learn more about some of the other health issues caused by a dirty carpet here.

Respiratory Problems

Dirt, dust, old skin, pet hair, and mold can all become caught and trapped in your dirt. Day to day activities like walking across the carpet and even vacuuming the surface can loosen and free these particles and cause them to spread throughout the room and air.

The question is, can these dirty, germ-filled carpets really make you sick? Yes, they can. The movement of these pollutants can cause respiratory issues, including difficulty breathing, coughing, and even asthma attacks. According to the American Lung Association, pets and children who send a lot of time to the floor and who frequently touch their mouths, are much more at risk for being affected by these toxic particles.


The same dust mites and mold that can cause inflammation in your lungs may also cause a runny nose and red eyes if you suffer from allergies. Items that have built-up in the carpet may trigger an allergy attack or make your daily life much more unpleasant.

Do you wake up with allergy-like symptoms or drainage regularly? If so, the first place you should look to try to eliminate dust mites and bacteria is the carpeting. The fact is that these irritants may build up in your carpet and cause your symptoms to flare up in the first few hours after you vacuum.

Skin Irritation

Eczema, athlete’s food, rashes, and itchy skin are all dangers of dirty carpets that may be made worse or triggered by dust mites living in unclean carpet. Even for homeowners who follow a regular cleaning schedule, dust mites are very small, and they can evade your efforts. To help eliminate these critters, try running a humidifier and have your carpets cleaned by the professionals, which will help protect you or members of your family who have sensitive skin.

Stomach Illness

There is nothing good that will come from wet carpets. However, you may not realize how bad damp carpeting may be for your health. If mold is present, it can cause several health issues, but if mycotoxins are present, it can result in an infection or stomach irritation.

As you can see, the health issues related to dirty carpets are vast. If you want to ensure you have the healthiest environment in your home possible, keep your carpets clean and invest in professional cleaning services a few times a year.

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